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The upcoming revision of the EU Fertilisers Regulation and the benefits of biodegradable plastic mulch films

Kristy-Barbara Lange, Deputy Managing Director / Regulatory Affairs, EUBP As part of the EU Circular Economy Package’s Action Plan, the European Commission has proposed a revision of the Fertiliser Regulation. Discussions in the Parliament and the Council are in full swing. In this context, European Bioplastics is advocating to consider the benefits of biodegradable plastic mulch films for modern agriculture. Kristy-Barbara Lange, Deputy Managing Director / Regulatory Affairs from European Bioplastics answers some questions about the benefits of biodegradable mulch films and their role in a revised EU Fertiliser Directive. What is the current market situation for mulch [...]

24 November 2016|

Certification of bio-based content

Harmen Willemse, NEN By Harmen Willemse MSc, Consultant Bio-based Economy at NEN – Netherlands Standardization Institute Bio-based products are products, which are wholly or partly derived from biomass. Therefore, it is essential to characterize the amount of biomass contained in the product. The bio-based content includes not only the amount of carbon, but also the elements hydrogen, oxygen, and nitrogen. A new ‘Bio-based content certification scheme’ developed by NEN – Netherlands Standardization Institute will be launched at the 11th European Bioplastics Conference on 29/30 November 2016 in Berlin, by issuing the first certificates to products from Corbion and [...]

24 November 2016|

Studies show benefits of compostable bio-waste bag in Germany

The deployment of EN 13432 certified compostable bags in the source-segregated collection of bio-waste continues to be a hotly debated topic. The City of Milan has set a prominent example of the crucial role compostable bags can play in a waste management system poised to maximise the material use of bio-waste. Several other cities and municipalities have followed and adopted similar projects, slowly forming a grid of cities across Europe that are making the circular economy a reality by implementing separate waste collection infrastructures to turn bio-waste into a valuable secondary resource. Two recent projects in the German cities of [...]

24 November 2016|

Braskem invests US$2 million to optimise its Green Plastic production and reduces CO2 emissions by 30%

BRASKEM green ethylene plant in Triunfo (Photo: Mathias Cramer) With an investment of R$7.1 million, the equivalent to over US$2 million, from 2013 to 2015 in its green ethylene unit in Triunfo, Rio Grande do Sul, Braskem, the largest thermoplastic resin producer in the Americas, was able to significantly reduce the CO2 emissions generated by its production of Green Plastic. Braskem automated processes, installed devices to reduce losses, optimized the ethanol vaporization process and reduced the generator's fuel consumption. It also is developing a wastewater reuse system to optimize its consumption of water resources. Along with process improvements, [...]

24 November 2016|

News in brief – November 2016

Total and Corbion form a Joint Venture in bioplastics: Total and Corbion are joining forces to develop bioplastics by creating a 50/50 joint venture to produce and market polylactic (PLA) polymers. The two partners plan to build a world-class PLA polymerization plant with a capacity of 75,000 tons per year at Corbion's site in Thailand that already has a lactide (PLA monomer) production unit that will become part of the joint venture. Corbion will supply the lactic acid necessary for the production of the PLA and the lactide. The new company will be based in the Netherlands and will [...]

24 November 2016|

These are the nominees for the 11th Global Bioplastics Award

One of the highlights of every European Bioplastics Conference is the Annual Global Bioplastics Award ceremony, presented by the international trade publication, bioplastics MAGAZINE. This year’s winner will be announced during the 11th European Bioplastics Conference on 29 November 2016 in Berlin. The Global Bioplastics Award recognises innovation, success, and achievement by manufacturers, processors, brand owners, or users of bioplastic materials. The following five products have been shortlisted for the 11th Global Bioplastics Award: World’s first polyester shirt made from 100% Bio-PET | Far Eastern New Century, Taiwan Earlier this year, Far Eastern New Century Corp., based in Taiwan, presented [...]

24 November 2016|

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