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Buying new furniture just got more sustainable

It was one of the most shared news headlines of this month: IKEA and Neste announced their partnership to deliver bio-based plastics for the Scandinavian homeware giant. At the 10th European Bioplastics Conference in November last year, IKEA first announced its ambitious plan to make 100 percent of their plastic products from renewable and recycled sources by 2020. Now we know that Neste will be delivering the renewable solutions. Neste is an oil refining company and supplier of renewable diesel and renewable polymers located in Finland. The partnership between the two companies aims to produce plastics and other materials that [...]

28 September 2016|

Bioplastic cones improve efficiency of Thailand’s local rubber agriculture

Corbion, Global Bio-Polymers, and Maxrich announced their collaboration on the development of a biodegradable root growth container to improve the agricultural efficiency and environmental performance of rubber tree plantations. Initial trials for new, bio-based and biodegradable root protection cone for rubber trees by Corbion, Maxrich and Global Bio-Polymers have been promising Natural rubber is a key agricultural product in Thailand. Currently, rubber trees are planted in nurseries, above ground, in either polyethylene (PE) film bags or polypropylene (PP) cones. These containers ensure that the roots grow in a contained vessel, enabling the farmer to transport and plant them [...]

28 September 2016|

Member portrait: DIN CERTCO

In each issue of the Bioplastics Bulletin, we present 5 facts about a member of European Bioplastics. In this issue, Dr Berit Topolsinski, Product Manager at DIN CERTCO Gesellschaft für Konformitätsbewertung mbH based in Berlin, Germany, shares some information about the certification and accreditation body. Dr. Berit Topolinski, Product Manager, DIN CERTCO 5 facts about DIN CERTCO DIN CERTCO is the partner to contact for all aspects of conformity assessment. We assess and register a broad range of products and services, and certify products, enterprises and personnel. DIN CERTCO’s certification systems – and the standards they are based [...]

28 September 2016|

Revised mandate for home composting standard

The EU Directive on Packaging and Packaging Waste, as modified by the EU Directive on lightweight carrier bags in 2015, tasked the European Commission to adopt specifications for labels of home compostable plastic carrier bags. Accordingly, in June 2016, the Commission asked the relevant European Standardisation Committee, CEN, to develop a standard on home compostable packaging. The draft mandate for a home composting standard has been declined by CEN in its current form. CEN has revised the standardisation request, proposing a number of changes, most importantly limiting such standard solely to lightweight plastic carrier bags. Compostable lightweight bags can be [...]

28 September 2016|

In brief – September 2016

Bio-TPV as a substitute for soft PVC on floors: Fraunhofer Umsicht is developing a bio-based TPV material that could conceivably replace soft PVC in vinyl flooring. The researchers at Fraunhofer Umsicht are exploring the possibilities of a new, plasticizer-free, bio-based, thermoplastic vulcanizate (Bio-TPV) consisting of a soft, bio-based component, such as natural rubber, dispersed in a PLA matrix. Project partner FKuR will focus on the further development of the material at Fraunhofer Umsicht and the scale-up of the production process to industrial scale. Toyobo and Avantium partner on PEF polymerization and PEF films: Toyobo and Avantium have jointly developed thin [...]

28 September 2016|

Visit EUBP at K 2016 Hall 7a / Booth B10

At this year’s K’2016, 19-26 October 2016, EUBP will highlight the latest innovations and advancements of the industry and inform visitors about the many benefits of bio-based and biodegradable plastic materials. Bioplastics have long moved from being a buzzword to an economically competitive and sustainable alternative to conventional plastics. The latest market data show a growth rate from 20-100 percent per year and predict this trend to continue with global production capacities for bioplastics to increase from 1,7 million tons in 2014 to 7.8 million tons in 2019. Correspondingly, the interest in bioplastic solutions increased enormously over the past years. [...]

28 September 2016|

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